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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2021 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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well, celebrations to mar christmas have begun in the city of bethel him in the west bank . we leave you now with some signs and sounds of the traditional christmas parade on major square in front of the church of the nativity in bethlehem. a marion i haven't seen. thanks for watching. ah boone. with blue issue. i mean in a minute. is he going? yes. why didn't guy up costar group? i would say that. what am put concerning, messina, but i'm one. what in, what can i sit on a but i want to plan because he is se for sas in canada go and he said,
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but i got going on what they're doing, funding, how long does a or an eternity time . it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of type type a phenomenon, a dimension and illusion. about time starts december 31st on d, w. mm. ah, is europe's energy crisis shackled to its political crisis with russia. a spike in natural gas prices this week and rushes frustrations over the certification of a new gas pipeline with germany. have both sides claiming the other is playing. politics will take
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a closer look. also on the show. semiconductors are in short supply around the world that has automakers rethinking their sourcing, especially as a new crone of ours very and threatens more supply chain problems. hello, welcome to the show. i'm seen beardsley and berlin or supply chain issues have plague businesses for months. now, micro chips are among the items most desperately needed and among those hardest to find, especially for automakers and even basic car models need at least 50 semiconductors . they control everything from gps to air conditioning. even rear view mirrors, and as not to mention safety and comfort features, you might find in more upscale cars. according to one estimate, 11000000 fewer cars were to be built in 2021. due to supply chain bottlenecks and that sums up to around $210000000000.00 in miss sales. now the vast majority of semiconductors are made in asia. that makes the u. s. and europe strongly dependent upon imports to get those ships. and so now many automakers are exploring
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partnerships which producers to make their own semiconductors. some experts, however, say it's too little too late. they blame the industry for it. shirts are short term planning, and it's lack of investment. of more that i'm joined by a jeep is, was his executive director and asia pacific chief economist at i h. s. market where he could have you on the show. is it fair to say that these automakers were perhaps short sighted by not really securing their necessary supplies to somebody is an absolutely vital component. i think what we've seen during the pandemic is something quite exceptional. and it's broad out these supply chain vulnerabilities for older mater makers that hadn't been there in that kind of form before. i mean, what we've seen is lost production in 2021 of millions of order units. and that's meant that demand has been much greater than the ability to supply. so we're
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seeing a new kind of problem for the auto industry that they haven't seen in a similar way before. so i think they're reacting to that and of course it will take time and whether it's through their concept of building their own semiconductors plants, which is obviously a highly complicated area for them to move into. or another possibility which is being suggested by companies like intel, is that they will build factories specifically for the order industry to help alleviate some of those concerns about disruptions. and i think that a government level, we're also seeing a lot of action to try to reduce that vulnerability of supply chains, reduce the supply from asia in the us. for example, the u. s. government's pushing ahead with a chip act that's going to put in about $50000000000.00 us dollars to help ship
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makers, billboard facilities in the u. s. and in the e. u. very similar projects under way to try to boost the production of chips within the e. u. m to about 20 percent of total requirements. so these kind of actions are signaling that both companies and governments are trying to reduce those supply chain vulnerabilities. and he won the league concern if i may interrupt them. so you just mentioned asia there. we've seen that china has just locked down an entire city. she, on of 13000000 people. it's shown how seriously it's going to go against any sort of outbreak. china, of course, a major manufacturer for many, many companies. these supply problems are going to continue. is that fair to say? well, i think even leaving aside the situation in china, which obviously is very concerning and has a lot of potential implications for supply chains. if this were to spread more widely, that even even leaving that aside,
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this backlog in areas like semiconductor supply is still going to continue in to 2022, even if the situation of dependent might improves through the year. so i think we are looking at a 2022 with continuing problems and oh, what i sector. and if on top of all of that depend emmett creates new waves and use plots are options. then clearly the risk is that you have a whole new set of disruptions to supply chains, not only for semiconductors, but potentially for many of the areas of manufacturing that are critical for industry as well. so we are very much looking at those downside risks for the 2022 outlook. if this omicron variant turns out to be a big disrupt her, i will have to leave it there. actually this was with i just market. thank you very much. thank you. speaking of supply crunches, wholesale gas prices in europe briefly spike this week after
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a russian pipeline began reversing its supply to germany. russian president vladimir putin now says the move is not political, although does can side with right coincide rather with rising tensions between moscow in the west. the europe was already facing a winter of high gas prices due to lower supplies. some now, here, the tensions with russia are going to make things worse. guess from the jamara pipeline usually flows from here in siberia to germany. but flows had been falling since saturday. on tuesday, the gas stopped and began to flow back in the other direction. the more than 2000 kilometer long jamar pipeline links, natural gas feels in siberia with poland and germany viable arrows. it's one of the major roots for russian gas to europe. some west and politicians and industry experts have accused russian president vladimir putin, of withholding deliveries to europe and mid political tensions over ukraine and not string to something that he denied during his annual news conference. the world to
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him, it would buy them, they lie all the time. they mix everything up. gas. prom supplies all are requesting gas volumes under current contracts. and not only that, not but it's also increasing the volume of war. uh, we me issue the contract spokespeople for our w e and uni power, which among gas prompts, biggest gas by us and germany said the russian company was still meeting delivery obligations. but measurements show that gas volumes flowing through the yama pipeline have been reversed. some western politicians believe protein wants to put pressure on not stream to it's another pipeline which is set to deliver gas from russia through the baltic sea, directly to germany. germany has not approved the pipeline yet. some experts believe the kremlin is deliberately reducing flows to drive up gas prices in europe, and speed up the approval process. experts warn that consumers in western europe
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need to brace for even higher prices. more cold weather in europe over the coming months is going to drive up demand and i'm joined by his lawyer side. he's director of energy, climate and resources at the racial group. that's a political risk consultancy, and thanks for coming on the show. you know, russia says that it's meeting its obligations here at the same time, some in europe are crying foul. can you help us understand what is going on? it's thanks for letting me know. so one of the main problems is, of course, one size that we're meeting all the obligations. the other side is saying we're not having enough gas. so what's happening is gas is meeting probably its minimum annual obligation, so they have long term contracts with customers in the u, and they are meeting that, but they're not sending any further gas. so if you want to have received more gas because it's cold, for instance, or you're a customer who doesn't fully contract, it's annual gas supply, then it's hard to get that gas because i'm really isn't sending more gas. and it
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absolutely has to the moment the question is, of course, whether it gas isn't sending the gas because it can't or because it doesn't want to that we're not entirely sure sure of. we don't really know where the gas form is sending all the gas. it can where it is actually withholding. and then that is sort of the mystery here in europe. problems, of course, the gas market is tight. we do need more gas. and n g is coming from a markets around the world by shipping to europe. but it would be good if it came to us from russia. i. so europe says the pollutants playing politics. it says the same thing that the you is playing politics with north street to. is he not correct there? well, i mean no 3 to and it's better says the not true 110 years ago, they are highly political projects. you are linking to major consumer producer blocks together with a physical pipeline infrastructure. it is political by nature and this politics when it goes well, it's good, it's you, you are making a big producer of the consumer and it improves politics. but of course,
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when politics get sour, as they are now between russia and europe in the west, or general over ukraine, for instance, which of course, is the gas transit routed traditionally, it was then if things get complicated and that is the issue now. yes, both sides are playing politics. however, the approval process that has been put on hold is a commercial one. and this is important to keep in mind. the approval process with a bonus next are going to, in germany, is that commercial process will stream to and gas from has to comply with the european market rules and in its current form, it doesn't. so that is a separate process. but then of course, there is politics, the german government, the americans, brussels. they have become skeptical about the political viability of this pipeline . not just its commercial liability. or i think last time with you, raise your group. thank you very much. thank you. and let's go now to some of the other global business stories making headlines. united airlines and delta have
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cancelled more than $200.00 christmas eve flights. they say the spread of the new omicron variant is taking a toll on flight crews and ground personnel. the airlines are trying to reboot travelers as soon as possible. tick tock has surpassed google as the world's most popular website. that's according to cloud fair tech from the tracks online activities. more than 1000000000 users sign onto scroll, tick, tock, monthly, mostly children and teenagers. tick tock was launched in 2016 by china's bite dance . intel has apologized for angering the chinese government after called on suppliers to avoid goods and services in the sheen john region. the united states, the european union and other countries, have accused china of a brutal crack down on the muslim leader minority and the use of force labor camps there. and finally tis the season when many indulged their sweet tooth, especially chocolate. and especially here in germany,
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it turns out that germans eat an average of 9 kilos of chocolate per year. that's about 90 traditional sized chocolate bars and back puts the country squarely in 1st place globally for chocolate consumption. close 2nd, the swiss. a christmas is the main season for chocolate. germany's chocolate ears have sold 160000000 chocolate santa's this year alone. right, that's it for me. and the dw business team will be back in a little bit with more headlines in the meantime. find as online d, w dot com slash business between beardsley, thanks for watching. ah
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you'll get smarter for pre d w books on you too. ah, let us issue. when i arrived here, i slept with 6 people in a room and it was hard. i wish fear i even got white hair. is fleming. but jim a language help? yeah. a lot. this kids to me and craig opportunity to interact with, you want to know their story, migrants verified and reliable information for migrants. say 60 dr. news asia i'm british manager. as 2021 comes to a close, we're taking a look back at some of the biggest stories of the europe. for me, none was bigger than seeing my own country india struggling to breathe in the us. devastating bout with gilbert 19. that took away people. i knew.


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